Visitor Route Generator
Increase the Visitor Experience with Visitor Routes and Guided Tours for appointments and visit requestss

Optimize the Visitor Experience by adding a movie of the specific visitor route(s) to meeting and appointment requests. Generate and share visitor routes to any meeting room, desk, shop or ticket machine with this Digital Twin for Buildings Module.

Designed for Office, Factory, Site, Campus, Museum, Hospital, Shopping Mall and, Exhibition Centre.

  • Increase the visitor experience
  • Generate visitor route recordings from any starting point to any destination.
  • Share routes with your visitor meetings requests or appointments.
  • Visitors can visually prepare their visit
  • Create and edit guided tours using the Guided Tour Editor.
  • Autoroute options: Auto render, activate interpolation, customize interpolation steps in meters.
  • Guided Tour Editor settings: Time to move to next step, note display time, fade-in and -out time, preview movie
  • Repositories for route recording and guided tour (AWS)
  • Integrates with NavVis user management
  • Modular design allows combining with other NavVis modules created by atsence.
  • Cloud based