IoT Management System
Access sensor graphs from your Internet of Things platform straight from your NavVis Indoor Viewer

Access sensor graphs displaying real time and historical data from your IoT devices straight from your 3D Digital Twin for Buildings. Create a library of real time sensor graphs from your industrial IoT sensor platform and link graphs to POI’s using this NavVis Indoor Viewer module.

  • IoT connector (for administrators)
    • Create a Graph Library from your industrial IoT platform.
    • Create custom graphs by selecting: Y-axis units, assets, sensors and aspects.
    • Connect graphs from the Graph Library to individual POI’s.
    • Edit, link and unlink all or individual documents per POI or POI category.
  • Users can access graphs by clicking on a POI’s.
  • Integrates with NavVis user management.
  • Modular design allows combining with other NavVis modules created by atsence.
  • Supports most industrial IoT platforms.
  • Backend and Frontend design deployed on AWS cloud (can be deployed locally).