Enrich digital twin's with custom 3D POI's

To enrich standard NavVis IV Points Of Interest (POI’s) with high contrast, transparent, appealing custom designed POI’s. The module is designed to flawlessly integrate with the standard POI system. The POI’s are designed in 3 sizes for desired visibility ensuring visibility for most target audiences by using the yellow/black high contrast colour scheme.

By atsence: Module User interface design, 3D POI design, Modular flow created for seamless NavVis IV integration, user administration, standardization of 3D POI categorization, project management, module development, testing and deployment, AWS cloud design, development and deployment.

  • 3D POI administration
    • Over 300 icons based on the following categories: Digital twin buildings in general, ISO standard, Industry and electrical facilities, IoT (internet of things) and Accessible locations (POI’s for Wheelchair users, Visually Impaired and others)
  • Add custom labelOutline colour picker for mouseover effect
  • Upload custom POI’s
  • Integration with standard NavVis POI’s
  • Supports most industrial IoT platforms
  • Backend and Frontend design deployed on AWS cloud (can be deployed locally)